FleetUp's Guide to a Successful Installation
5-Minutes Plug & Play!

9 PIN or 6 PIN  Splitter Cable

You will need the following for the installation:

FleetUp Device

Extension Cable

Zip Ties

+                      OR                             +   

Find the OBD Port

Locate your On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Port. It is generally found underneath your steering wheel. If you have difficulty locating it, use this tool for help!

Vehicle's engine must be OFF prior to installing the device.
Plug in your CABLE to the OBD port.

Check the device for VIN to make sure you are installing the correct device to its assigned vehicle.



Step 1.

Plug in the device to the cable.


Online Verification

There are two ways to verify your installation:

1. Log In to our Online Platform and check the Map tab.

Your vehicle should be online (green).

2. Use FleetOn -- input your Device ID and check the 'Status'. The status lights should be on (blue).

Did something go wrong?

Contact us if you had any issues
during the installation process!


855-274-2886 ext. 3

Step 3.

Recommended - Secure the device inside of the dashboard

If the device or cable unplugs, FleetUp will not work or collect new data.
If you don't secure the device or hide it in your dashboard, the device could get damaged or unplugged by an employee or thief.

Passenger Vehicle : Please use extension cable and zip ties to secure the device under the dashboard.

Heavy Duty Vehicle : Please make sure to turn your 9 PIN or 6 PIN cable's head to lock the connection to the OBD port. Secure the device under the dashboard using zip ties and harness loose cables together.


1. I can't find the OBD Port!

- Contact your mechanic; they use a scanner/diagnostic tool to diagnose your vehicle and plug their tool in your OBD port.

2. The RED light doesn't turn on!

- Check your Fuse box. If the RED light doesn't appear, then it means there is no electric power. It is likely that the fuse is out. Replace broken fuse.

3. The ORANGE light doesn't turn on!

- There is weak signal or no coverage in the area you are trying to install the device. Try driving around with the device plugged in for a day. It should connect to the network on its own, as you drive.

4. The GREEN light doesn't turn on!

- Make sure you have sky access so the device can receive satellite signal. We encourage you to drive around for a day and let us know of this issue. We will monitor the device and update the firmware remotely.

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